334 Bunnies is a new one-act, hour-long opera that is accessible to audiences of all ages and musical backgrounds. Funny, poignant, and colorful, its wide appeal makes it a great fit with a variety of festivals and venues. It employs a cast and orchestra of just five musicians plus a delightful set design that has proven to be portable and adaptive to differing locales. The production is a self-contained, ready-to-go event that is simple and cost-effective to present. 334 Bunnies is surely a welcome addition to a broad range of concert programming.
Festivals, venues, or organizations interested in presenting 334 Bunnies may request a score, libretto, DVD, and/or CD by contacting: or

LINKS  (composer’s website) (the (a song cycle project by Francine Trester; premiered at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall) (334 Bunnies on Facebook)

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