Production Specs

SERGEANT MICHAEL O’HARE (baritone), a veteran policeman, 20 years of service
HELEN RINGWALD (contralto), well-meaning eccentric, really likes rabbits
ORCHESTRA: violin, viola & piano

(A disorderly kitchen, with bunnies everywhere)

  • two 15’ x 8’ white drapes
  • six 6’-7’ pipes for vertical support, with 6 flat steel bases and studs
  • 6 horizontal drape supports (two 11’-14’ pipes, four 7’-9’ pipes, one optional 3’-4’ pipe)
  • a screen door for Sergeant O’Hare’s entrance
  • a curtain (maybe a bead curtain) for Helen Ringwald’s entrance & exit
  • a sink & counter
  • a stove
  • a large window above the sink, with quaint curtains and the suggestion of the New Mexico landscape
  • a small window above the counter
  • kitchen table
  • a bunny-decorated tablecloth
  • 2 chairs, wood or vinyl (mismatched, possibly)
  • a small table (for the gramophone)
  • a decorative wall shelf with a collection of bunny plates
  • a bunny wall clock
  • a collection of bunny portraits (5-7)

optional items:

  • 3 rugs (a welcome mat, a braided oval below the sink, a runner down the hallway– painted fabric)
  • a floor lamp with bunny shade?



  • 30+ stuffed bunnies, all of similar design & construction, roughly 2/3 look like babies
  • 5 soft bunnies (to be held):
  • Flopsie (Giant Chinchilla – large, gray)
  • Poochkins (Giant Chinchilla – large, gray)
  • Bootsy (American Fuzzy Lop – flop-eared, beige or white, with or without gray or white spots)
  • Mimi (small adult, white)
  • Rudolfo (brown)

If you’d like to sew additional bunnies for your own production of 334 Bunnies, patterns and instructions for an adult bunny and a baby bunny may be requested from Lisa French, Illustrator, Set Designer & Production Artist ( These will be provided as compressed PDF files.  The Baby Bunny pattern, layout and instructions (4 pages) should be printed on 8.5” x 11” paper.  The Adult Bunny layout page and instructions are 8.5” x 11” but the 6 pattern pages must be printed on 11” x 17” paper at full size.


  • an old gramophone
  • a hook for the apron
  • a pitcher of iced tea
  • 2 iced tea glasses
  • a small tray for the iced tea
  • a bunny cookie jar
  • a dish towel
  • a dust pan & broom
  • a colander & artificial carrots or greens
  • a lint roller
  • bunny magazines
  • a small notepad & pen (for O’Hare)



  • a colorful but worn house dress
  • an outrageous bunny apron
  • bunny slippers
  • a police officer’s uniform with badge (New Mexico)
  • a police cap




  • A cyc may be used instead of the drapes, lit with a warm backlight (cooling on stage left)
  • A general wash (a warm mid-morning) for the inside of the house, warmer on stage right, dimming in the final scene


  • both windows (scrims) backlit to suggest sunlight streaming through
  • a spot light on Sergeant O’Hare at the screen door
  • FOH focused on the kitchen table (a tight spotlight in the end)


  • Light should illuminate the set
  • Warm backlight should seem to come through the windows
  • A spotlight (in dimmed set) should fall on the table at the end


ARTWORK (for advertisement and programs)

All artwork related to 334 Bunnies (including all images on this website) is copyright protected. Reproduction (including photocopying or downloading) is not permitted without express written consent from the copyright holder(s).  Reproduction or downloading imagery without written permission is illegal infringement of copyright.

With permission (at no charge), digital templates may be downloaded for printing marketing materials for your production of 334 Bunnies.  These materials include a poster (11” x 16”), a flyer (8.5” x 11”), and a postcard (5.5” x 8.5,” 2-sided).  Modifications to the image or design (text) are not permitted and all materials will be licensed only for the specific purpose of marketing performances of the opera 334 Bunnies. These images will not be licensed for any other purpose.

Template files include a high-resolution Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 illustration and Adobe InDesign CS5.5 layouts, ready for your event information to be added in InDesign or Adobe Illustrator.  The high-resolution Bunnies Illustration Photoshop file is very large, and it will be sent to you by either Drop Box or YouSendIt.  For all text additions, please use Goudy Old Style font in red (C=0, M=80, Y=75, K=0) or brown (C=24, M=41, Y=87, K=40).  For digital printing, change the Color Mode and create PDF files.  For e-mail and online promotion of the event, resize the image, lowering the resolution to 72dpi, and convert the format to PDF or JPG as needed.

Before printing and disseminating your marketing materials, please contact Francine Trester at and Lisa French at You may be asked to submit a copy of each piece for review before it is printed, uploaded to the web, or sent via e-mail